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Lights, Colors, Peoples & Bikes of Barcelona

4y ago


A 5mn story shot with the OMD E-M5 in Barcelona. This movie was entirely shot handheld , thanks to the OMD IBIS: no need to use a steady-cam or the smoothcam plug-in in FC. The OMD is also very very good in low light, even without fast lenses, as you can see from 1mn36, incredibly much better than the D5100 or... the 7D ! Thanks also to the very nice peoples in BC, specially to the girls (at 1mn25) from one our favorite bar in La Ribera who tried to help us with our map to find some good bars without any tourists :D (but it's another story ;)) For the sound, since my setback with Capitols Records who asked Vimeo to deleted one of my favorite video ( ok, it's the game but it was not really cool), I decided to found some "Creative Commons License" sounds on SoundCloud, and the very first one that I found was from a musician from Barcelona, what a coincidence ! So the Music is from Gmaks and you can found it there : Edited in FC7 / Colors by Magic Bullet Modjo