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flash mobs

flash mobs

The Lifemark Flash Mob: The World's Oldest Flash Mob

3y ago


OFFICIAL VIDEO OF THE WORLD'S OLDEST FLASH MOB The Lifemark Flash Mob 80 people aged 65 years to 96 years old dancing in Auckland, New Zealand to the song 'Feelin' Good Ooh La La' by The DNC on 9 August 2012, to promote the need for more adaptable and accessible housing in New Zealand as our aging population is set to exceed 1 million over 65's by 2021. The Lifemark is an independent seal of approval awarded to homes that meet a set of design criteria to ensure that a home is adaptable and accessible for all members of your family now and into the future. Based on the globally recognised universal design principles of adaptability, accessibility, usability, safety and Lifetime Value, the Lifemark is awarded to individual homes, retirement units and social housing units that have applied for, and met the Lifemark design standards to assure future adaptability and accessibility in the home. To find an accredited designer or builder near you visit Or to find out more visit the website or call us today 0800 Lifemark Created by Billie Jordan PR. Filmed and edited by Gary Foster from Pro Motion Video and Brad Churcher from Additional camera operators: Tru Munro and Craig Walsh. Additional cameras provided by Digital Video Technologies. Thank you to all involved! Visit to see what this great organisation is getting up to!