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Life in a Lyttel Town - Public Screening

4y ago


The following 'part of a story' is from a public screening of rough-cut footage for the 'Life in a Lyttel Town' documentary project. Filmed and produced by Rich Humphreys @ Life in a Lyttel Town is a multi-sensory, site specific, audio visual documentary project that explores the notion of community and the creation of space in the wake of the devastating Feb 2011 earthquake that has led to the demolition of many of the historic buildings in the small Canterbury port town of Lyttelton. This project engages the community to explore, imagine and re-image the past, present and future Lyttelton. This CNZ grant funded an event during the June 2012 winter festival of lights. The performance involved the creation of an on-the-street cinema and the live mapping of part of Life in Lyttel Town narrative documentary film. This project is on-going and this is its first incarnation - go to for updates and other project links. Credits: Rich Humphreys - Producer / Director - Jules Marchant - Sound Josh Hanna - Animatior Rewi Couch - Maori Narrator ---MUSIC--- Cililian Sol --- Rhian Sheehan --- Ian Sheperd