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neverending story

neverending story

Life After Unemployment....

4y ago


Sometimes when you get fired you have the tendency to fear the change. Don't put limitations on yourself! This could also become a wonderful time to reinvent. There could be a greater message in the mess. It's okay to feel anxious at times, feel down, but don't live in that place or the darkness will take you over. Have you ever watched the movie The Neverending Story, the original one about the little boy who goes on a journey after his mother dies. The loss of a job is a death of mourn it and get on with it! I am going to be talking to Dr. Matthew Clark from the Clark Institute about some thinga you and I can do to keep our heads right while God is getting ready to move us to the next place. There is unemployment, the Bridge Card to get you through so you can eat and there is state health insurance with something like a $3 deductable on doctors and prescriptions. You will not be able to live the way yu have been living but it is a bridge until your next miracle happens. Please keep the faith, it will make you better for it. Like Pastor Joes Osteen always say, Circumstances like these can make you bitter or they can make you better. Let them do the latter....