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Lia Sophia Reviews - The positive, the negative, & top producer secrets.

2y ago

Description You're reading Lia Sophia reviews as you want to gauge if this opportunity will give you the most leverage to have the most fun, make the most money, & allow you to hit the goals you want. After your Lia Sophia reviews you'll join them or something else... either way, use this %100 commissions front end system to grow any business from home (staying within strict Lia Sophia guidelines), & monetize those that don't join your business... As you go through your Lia Sophia reviews, its important to know the company history and the management team. Lia Sophia, formerly Act II Lady Remington, is a direct sales company with a continued focus on high quality fashion jewelry, affordable pricing and a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Their Advisors work part-time as well as full-time. In looking through Lia Sophia reviews, recognize they partner with Dress for Success, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged women re-enter the workforce. Compensation Plan - Lia Sophia Reviews Their hostesses get 20% of show sales in jewelry credit with a $250 minimum show. A hostess can earn 40% of her show sales in credit for an additional $15 when she has 10 orders and 2 bookings. Hostesses also receive 2 half price items and 4 bonus price items. Lia Sophia Advisors earn 30% profits on their personal sales, paid weekly. Advisors can also earn cash bonuses, free jewlery, incentive trips, monthly, quarterly and annual recognition. You need to put in an order of $250 once every three months to stay active. To remain a consultant, you need to put in an order of $250 just once a year. The company doesn't allow submission of its name to any search engines, a sponsored link on a search engine, an illegal (not company-authorized) personal website (RED FLAG in 2012), or the sale of any products through auction sites of any kind. As you look into Lia Sophia Reviews, in the age of social media and internet marketing leverage, where you can have people call you to join your business, be careful weighing whether to join a company that wants to control what you do online. That is just food for thought. The top earners today in every company are utilizing systems that teach them how to market, diversify, & leverage themselves. You want to build a business but have a life too right?! If in your Lia Sophia reviews you expected Advisors to tell you that they secretly are sick of having 3 parties or more to make six figures, its harder to find because its all they know. What you want to take away from all Lia Sophia reviews is that the products are amazing; well made, cutting edge, & stylie!!! I'd definitely buy them for my lady : ) She just likes the freedom to earn as much as she wants online, the way she wants, and to be able to ultilize systems that embrace viral sustainability. We do home parties for fun when we want for our primary company...not because its the only way ; ) A huge consideration in your Lia Sophia reviews is to understand that you want a progressive management team who will not only let you market how you want, but will embrace & teach systems that work from viral sustainability so you have an army promoting for you. You want this to be going on online on Facebook as well as at your girl's parties. In 2012, if you don't have a way to market Lia Sophia that is attractive (i.e.-not chasing friends and family or going to 4 networking events a week), nobody will want to join you. Imagine people calling you who don't even know what business you're in because you utilize direct response marketing system that is all set up for you. The secret is to have a system anyone can use to target interested people & make money from the ones who DON'T end up getting started. Build Lia Sophia with this or just get 100% commissions without it and boost retention (get reps into profit in 1st 30 days) with 100% referral commissions on the front end of your more here: http:/...