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good thing

good thing

Let's Play Pokémon Red - Part 1

4y ago


This is it - my big jump into the audiovisual world. Prior to this I did a lot of written rants about the Pokémon games, mostly about the competitive aspect, but now you get to see the player and hear the voice behind those ramblings. The style will be similar - lots of analysis, lots of nitpicking and so on - but this time I'll be playing the game while talking about it. In this pilot episode, I explore Pallet Town a bit, pick up a Bulbasaur... and promptly waste that potion I start with. Good thing I thought of picking it up to begin with, eh? Edit, March 7th, 2010: Understandably this is the video of mine that has the most views, and after all this time of course I know the movie's Stand By Me. So you can stop saying it in the comments, k?