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the beast

the beast

Let's Play Minecraft Hermitcraft FTB Ep. 23 - Nano Sabers Kick Butt!

3y ago


-Check out More FTB Episodes Here: Welcome Back for another episode of Let's Play Minecraft "Feed The Beast" w/ KingDaddyDMAC! ------------------ *If you Enjoy this Video Please come and check out my other Let's Play Minecraft Series: -LP Minecraft SSP: -LP Hermitcraft SMP: ----------------- Today we will: -Craft our first Nano Saber -Continue work on our factory Please feel free to leave any good ideas you have, tips or tricks which could be helpful in the comments below. ----------------- **Donate: **Twitter:!/KingDaddyDMAC **FaceBook: ------------------- Feed The Beast is a SMP server hosted by Hermitcraft which uses the popular mod-pack Feed The Beast ( Members: