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reef fish

reef fish

leopard shark tank

4y ago


PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU ASK HOW or WHY? ***PLEASE DONT FORGET TO RATE*** THANK YOU VERY MUCH! PLEASE READ------------------- These sharks are donated from people who have been holding them illegally. My tank is just a stopping station for the sharks that are 10-12" to cure the animals of any diseases, illnesses, injury or parasites that they may have contracted during home aquarium captivity or since or during capture. The sharks are moved from the tanks you see here to larger tanks and then are SLOWLY acclimated back to their natural temps. This is the reason why you see them in my sub-tropical temperature tank. These sharks stay with me no longer then 1-3 months each depending on their conditions. From here they are moved to larger systems and acclimated back to their natural water temps. Since the animal has been exposed to foreign tropical diseases not found in their native Pacific homes sadly these beautiful animals can never be returned to the Pacific and they are kept in public aquariums from around the world. That is the reason you see my tanks holding 5-6 leopards to maybe just 1-2 at a time. Thank you for watching. I would love to answer any questions that you may have. ***PLEASE DONT FORGET TO RATE*** THANK YOU VERY MUCH! near feeding time... 2 sting rays, leopard shark, smooth hound shark, banded shark, mixed reef fish 240 gallon w/ 180 g sump