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Lemon Salt Scrub in Detox Bath

4y ago


Salt scrub helps get the lymph moving and increase circulation. Doing it with lemon slices help alkalize and melt the frozen lymph so it is even easier for it to move. It allows more toxins to be pulled out during the detox bath. Clean body, Clear mind. DETOX BATHS Detox baths are a simple and luxurious way to detoxify the body. They are also very important to use as a means of preventing recent toxin exposure from being stored in the body as well as the releasing of stored toxins from the body. A detox bath is critical after chemical and radiation exposure such as pesticides, gasoline, dental exams, x-rays, too much sun, etc. as this will support the body to quickly detox and release toxins before being stored in the tissues. It is highly recommended to take detox baths after massages, acupuncture, microcurrent, chelation, fasting, aerobic exercise, etc. All of these activities release toxins that have accumulated deep inside your cells for years which may be causing gradual degeneration. Water can only pull a limited amount of toxins by osmosis. When your body wants to release more and cannot due to toxic saturation of the bath water, it becomes overwhelmed. If you are not feeling well or are unsure of the toxic load you will release, it is wise to start with a 15 minute bath and evaluate how you feel. If very toxic, repeat every couple hours. It is good to do this daily until the time in the bath lengthens as your toxic burden lessens. It is best to stay in the bath until the water cools down, approximately 1 hour. As with any cleanse, it is very important to be well hydrated to support the process and lessen any potential detox symptoms. Karen drinks water with lemon juice and then rubs the lemons on her skin while in the bath. Rubbing your skin with the oil and juice of the lemons (or lemon essential oil) assists with exfoliation and the detox process. When finished with a detox bath, you should feel tired, sleepy, relaxed, relieved, etc. If symptoms of exertion occur, empty the tub and rinse your body with cool water. If still feeling exertion, some will start over with same and/or different additives and feel relief after a second bath. Brain fog will usually leave after taking a detox bath. If brain fog returns you probably need to take more baths at that time. ----- This basic formula draws out most heavy metals and chemicals. You need the combination to get the different valences of heavy metals as each draws out different metals and chemicals. 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar 1 cup of Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) 2-32 oz. bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide Adding 1 cup of baking soda can draw out radiation from x-rays, cell phone towers, computers screens, televisions, flying in airplanes, etc. ---- This formula is effective against nearly all forms of fungus, whether they be mycoplasma found in lupus, rosacea, dog mange, interstitial cystitis plasmodium parasites, Morgellons disease, or even pneumonia. It also helps to balance pH. 1 cup Borox 1 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) 2-32 oz. bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide ----- Other options to add to a detox bath include fresh sprigs of rosemary or lavender, essential oils, seaweed, sea salt, luvos, and peat moss as all are good detoxifiers for the bath. One kilogram of Himalayan Fine Granulated Salt on the new moon in the bath is claimed to pull out a lot of toxins. Each additive pulls out different toxins and it is good to vary which you add to pull a variety of toxins from your system. Running a portable ozonator or Aran Jector in the bath helps immensely. Placing the ceramic disperser under the tailbone helps even more. This system has multiple uses (i.e. detox your fruits, vegetables, and meats). We recommend the Avalon 1 o 2 available from Royal Air L.L.C. Contact Steve Trikilis at 330-775-3014 or 216-759-6422 or or use 2-32 oz. bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide per bath. * Costco sells many o...