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Lego Batman and Spiderman - A New Beginning

4y ago


This video is so..... meh, compared to my newer videos. Check 'em out! I've improved tons and it won't hurt you will it? Just take a look at my newer (way better) videos and I think you guys'll be pleasantly surprised. :D Seeya, LockDown4000 ---------------------------- Original Description ---------------------------- It's finally here!!! It took all the Easter holidays to make this, SO YOU BETTER LIKE IT. He he, sorry about that. buffalo827 helped me make this. I got distracted too much when he wasn't there for some reason. (Example: ...and I just move this here aaand, ooh look a bunny rabbit!!!) Anyway. enjoy! (Just in case anyone's wondering, yes, I do realize I used a way better Batmobile in the last scene than the 1st scene. But I hadn't actually BOUGHT that better Batmobile by the time I had shot the 1st scene. "Why didn't I redo it?" I hear? Simply because I'm lazy. Enough from me, TIME FOR YOU TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUB!!!