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lego technic

lego technic

LEGO Technic 9398, 4x4 Crawler Review (Sand Crawling - Bonus Video)

4y ago


This video closes the series of videos prepared for my reviews of the 2012 LEGO Technic flagship - 9398, 4x4 Crawler. Performing in the finest sand beaches from Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean. The full set review is available at: The review addendum for custom tires performance, is available at: This video is however not part of any of the reviews listed above. Take it as bonus material. Disclaimer: - DO NOT Try this yourself ! - I cannot be made responsible if you ignore this advice. - Fine grains of sand will grind your gears and other parts... faster than an eyeblink. - LEGO clearly states in the building instructions, that this model is not meant for outdoors use. Otherwise it could get severely damaged. I've also entered the LEGO Technic Challenge 2012 with Dunchaser. Find it in the link below and leave your support if you like it. :)