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jimmy garvin

jimmy garvin

Learning the Ropes with Lyla Alzado, Jimmy Garvin, Tully Blanchard, and Steve Williams

4y ago


Learning the Ropes[1] was about a private school teacher, who also moonlighted as a professional wrestler. Robert Randall (Alzado) would balance day to day problems with his students and with his kids Ellen (Stoffman) and Mark (Bisson). Cast Lyle Alzado ... Robert Randall (1988-1989) Steve Williams... The Masked Maniac (1988-1989) (as Steve 'Dr. Death' Williams) Yannick Bisson ... Mark Randall (1988-1989) Nicole Stoffman ... Ellen Randall (1988-1989) Cheryl Wilson ... Carol Dixon (1988-1989) Richard Farrell ... Principal Whitcomb Mallory (1988-1989) Barry Stevens ... Dr. Jerry Larson (1988-1989) Jacqueline Mahon ... Beth (1988-1989) Gordon Michael Woolvett ... Brad (1988-1989) Grant Cowan ... Bertie Baxter (1988-1989) Jefferson Mappin ... Cheetah (1988-1989) Kevin Rushton ... Q Ball (1988-1989) The show would also feature actual wrestlers from the National Wrestling Alliance. In each episode there would be such wrestling stars as Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Flair, Hawk and Animal of The Road Warriors, Ron Simmons, Dick Murdoch and many more.