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Leaked: Sex, Spy, and Intelligence Scandal

5y ago


Don't forget to Thumb us and Subscribe! Follow us on TWITTER: Become a Fan on FACEBOOK: A sex, spy and intelligence leakage scandal broke out in South Korean Consulate in Shanghai. 3 Korean diplomats, tempted by a Shanghain woman, handed state secrets to Deng Xinming, 33, who self-claimed to be "granddaughter of Deng Xiaoping". Her Korean husband of nearly a decade doesn't seem to know her real identity. His exposure of Deng's affairs led to the spy case. On March 9, South Korean Foreign Ministry confirmed that several diplomats were involved in a sex scandal. One ex-consul general was also involved, but his name was not disclosed. Newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported, Kim Jung-ki, Korean Consul General in Shanghai, who just left office and returned home, is being investigated. Korean Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan apologized for the incident and stressed a thorough investigation. However, he declined to confirm the rumored details. Korean authorities said Deng accosted the consuls just to be a visa agent, earning large commissions. However, Korea JoonyAng Daily and Chosun Ilbo published at great length Deng's background. Some Koreans revealed that Deng used to say, "I am the granddaughter of Deng Xiaoping and niece of Shanghai Party Secretary Yu Zhengsheng. She calls CCP leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping "foster dad". It was reported that Kim Jung-ki said Deng was close to senior officials in Shanghai and helped Korean Embassy in many ways. Since 2007, when visiting Korean officials want to meet with senior Shanghai officials, it has to be arranged through her. Deng was certainly an important figure between Korean Consulate and the Shanghai government. Korean visas could be obtained easily through her. In 2010, Deng's Korean husband surprisingly found intimate photos of Deng and two diplomats in her computer. One of her flash drives contained cell phone numbers of South Korean first lady and over 200 Korean dignitaries, including President Lee Myung-bak's brother Lee Sang-deuk, Korean government internal personnel information and some records of visa issuance. Taiwan's China Times reported, Chinese beauty spies have caused so many foreign officials losing their jobs. The most well-known case is in 1964, between French diplomat Bernard Boursicot and the cross-dressing Peking opera singer Shi Peifu. After the scandal broke out, Boursicot attempted to commit suicide in court. This event was adapted into a movie "M. Butterfly". Hong Kong's Ming Pao reported, over the past year, China and South Korea had increased frictions. South Korea is dissatisfied that China didn't pressure North Korea on sinking of ship Cheonan and the bombing of Yeonpyeong Island, while Beijing is concerned about the cooperation among U.S., Japanese and South Korean militaries. The report said, a member of the Korean opposition Party revealed, suspected hackers from China invaded Defense Department's computer system in June 2010 and searched for classified military secrets on the U.S.-made Global Hawk unmanned spy planes. NTD reporters Li Ting and Wang Yuqing. 其他推荐: 《神韵》2011世界巡演新亮点 《九评共产党》全球多语种文本下载 达拉斯艺术名流盛赞神韵