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philippe de broca

philippe de broca

LE MAGNIFIQUE (Philippe de Broca, 1973)

4y ago


LE MAGNIFIQUE DIr: Philippe de Broca, 1973. 95 min. France. In French with English subtitles. SATURDAY, AUGUST 4TH - 10PM SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH - 7:30PM THURSDAY, AUGUST 23RD - 7:30PM French New Wave icon Jean-Paul Belmondo and international siren Jacqueline Bisset star in this acclaimed spoof of B-movie secret agent films with Belmondo as struggling pulp writer François Merlin and Bisset as his quiet upstairs neighbor. Plagued by writer's block, Belmondo begins to craft himself into his schlocky espionage thriller as the international playboy super-spy lead, with Bissett as his sultry assistant. They soon begin a mission to thwart the evil Albanian secret services head Karpov, who in real life is Belmondo's book publisher hellbent on getting him to finish his novel! Even though Le Magnifique is a James Bond-esque parody, don't expect any lame Austin Powers-y riffs on obvious targets. de Broca infuses the film with wit, satire, and surreal humor as the story playfully cross-cuts between Belmondo's drab Paris apartment and his imagined spy novel in sunny Acapulco. At times, the film even comes across as a secret influence on Adaptation-era Charlie Kaufman in its meta-narrative tricks and the overall struggle to write something meaningful and creatively rewarding. Packed to the brim with snappy dialogue, gorgeous locations, shoot-outs, sharks, scuba assassins, mariachi bands, and some of the sexiest bare-chested piano playing imaginable, Le Magnifique is an absolute charmer from start to finish. SUMMER OF SHRAPNEL!: SPECTACLE THEATER 124 S. 3rd St. @ Bedford | |