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LAUNCH Winners Alltuition, SpaceMonkey and Scoot Networks - TWiST #247

4y ago


1:00-3:00 Welcome everyone, we have an exciting show today with the three winners of the LAUNCH Festival: SpaceMonkey, Alltuition and Scoot Networks. 3:00-4:30 We're happy to welcome eMinutes to the program as a new sponsor! Everyone thank them @eminutes! 4:30-5:00 Welcome Sue, how are you doing and how is Alltuition doing? 5:00-6:15 And we also have Clint Gordon-Carroll here from SpaceMonkey and Michael Keating from Scoot Networks. 6:15-7:30 What is Scoot and how have you been since the event? 7:30-9:15 How did you get people to come to your booth and care about your product? 9:15-10:30 Sue, what was your experience like, from the moment you got accepted to the moment you got onstage? 10:30-11:30 What about the rehearsal process, how did that go? 11:30-13:00 Tyler, do you remember your first impressions of Alltuition? 13:00-14:15 Sue, do you remember how long your pitch ended up being? 14:15-16:45 Clint, tell everyone what SpaceMonkey is. 16:45-20:00 Is SpaceMonkey the kind of thing where you can tell immediately if someone is getting it? 20:00-21:00 Clint explains how SpaceMonkey is reducing the carbon footprint. 21:00-22:15 How far along was Scoot Networks when you were in the Demo Pit? 22:15-24:00 Thank you to Trada for supporting the program! Everyone thank @Trada for their sponsorship! 24:00-27:00 Sue, what was it like when you found out that you won the 2.0 competition? 27:00-28:15 What investors did you have come from the event, Michael? 28:15-30:15 How important was the angel dinner for you, Clint? 30:15-32:30 Clint, you got a bit over-subscribed, right? 32:30-34:00 Did you all feel like the conference was fair in its approach? 34:00-35:30 Sue, how did you feel about the conference process? 35:30-37:30 Tyler, what are your thoughts on why Alltuition came out on top? 37:30-39:00 What's the next milestone for Scoot? 39:00-41:00 What does it cost to rent a scooter? 41:00-44:00 What's the deal with insurance, how is that handled? 44:00-46:15 Clint, when do we get to use SpaceMonkey? 46:15-47:30 Sue, are beta users testing the product yet? 47:30-50:30 Was there any moment at which any of you considered dropping out of the conference? 50:30-51:30 Does that scrappy team spirit carry on? 51:30-54:15 Sue: Jason, I don't think anyone on our team liked you at some point. 54:15-56:15 Tyler, what do you think it takes to be a LAUNCH Festival winner? 56:15-58:15 Clint and Michael talk about the appeal of the physical device and why design matters. 58:15-1:01:00 Has Apple contacted you yet, Clint? 1:01:00-01:09:15 Is Scoot still raising a round? 01:09:15-01:09:30 Thank you all for joining us and thank you to eMinutes and Trada for supporting the show. We'll see you all next time! Support This Week in Startups and independent media by joining the TWiST Producer Program at! Multilingual? Translate this episode of TWiST into another language and email the transcript to Keep up with the latest from our sister company, LAUNCH: Disrupting Education LAUNCH Education & Kids, June 12 and 13 LAUNCH Festival Wrap-up: Winners, Investments and More Where Over $1M in LAUNCH Festival Prize Money is Going LAUNCH Festival 2012 Winners FOLLOW ON TWITTER Jason: @jason Tyler: @steepdecline Alltuition: @alltuition SpaceMonkey: @getspacemonkey Scoot Networks: @scootnetworks Trada: @trada eMinutes: @eminutes