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Staff Picks

LaunchTown "Let Live and Be Free"

4y ago


Official music video for "Let Live And Be Free" by LaunchTown. Video directed, edited & produced by Patrick Kinkade & FuturesPast Media. Cameras: Patrick Kinkade & David Brayman Original Music by Launch Town Stock Footage {used by permission] provided by the following: "273414: Matterhorn" by Spotmatik / "774492: Young Boy in Stroller waving american flag" by dapoopta / Pond "8549721: Three children running along water's edge" by ImageSource / "368726: campfire" by ssh / "415211: aGE, YOUTH AND TIME (PART 2 OF 2)" BY fILMMAKER / pOND5.COM "607716: Homeless War Veterean Sequence" by stryrofilm / "793177: Cry for Freedom - Concept" by devi / "8950962: Young mother having fun with her son in autumn park, slow motion" by sylwiab / "10800118: Guys at a camp fire beautiful sky behind them" by micjayger / "10843062: The lonely man dreams on the top of a mountain" by Splane / P{ "Journey along empty road" / "Ark Hotel Construction time lapse building 15 stories in 2 days(48 hrs)" by differentenergy / "Statue of Liberty: by "Footage of a Mountain Cabin" by "Pine Trees in Snowy Blizzard" by "Slow Motion Rain Drop On Grapevine Leaf" by "Stars Timelapse" "Moon and Clouds: by "Time Lapse Sunset" by "Time Lapse Sunrise" by "time lapse clouds" "Bryce Canyon in Utah" by "United States Capitol Building and American Flags" by All Rights Reserved 2012