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lorne michaels

lorne michaels

Lassie (5/9) Movie CLIP - Building a Farm (1994) HD

4y ago


Lassie Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe The Turner family rebuild their sheep farm. TM & © Paramount (2012) Cast: Richard Farnsworth, Tom Guiry, Howard, Jon Tenney, Brittany Boyd, Helen Slater, Michelle Williams Director: Daniel Petrie MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: Buy Movie: Producer: Lorne Michaels, Dinah Minot, Michael I. Rachmil Screenwriter: Gary Ross Film Description: The story of an intelligent, heroic collie and his young owner, previously featured in numerous films and a successful 1950s television series, was updated for the 1990s in this family feature. This time, Lassie is determined to help a cynical city boy named Matt (Thomas Guiry), who turns even more resentful when his family relocates to a small town in rural Virginia. Soon after this move, a bright collie enters the family's life and winds up with the name Lassie because of the television show, which Matt's younger sister (Brittany Boyd) watches passionately. Lassie sets out to cheer Matt up and introduce him to the wonders of nature, while also helping the family stand its ground against rich, unpleasant neighbors. There are also run-ins with vicious wild animals and a daring rescue over river rapids, but the main focus remains on the emotional relationship between Matt and the dog, a story that will seem old-fashioned and charming to some viewers while familiar and sentimental to others. lassie,"lassie clip","lassie theme song","lassie part 1","michelle williams","tom guiry","richard farnsworth",howard,"helen slater","jon tenney","brittany boyd","daniel petrie","tractor videos","animal tales","family adventures","family features","lorne michaels","michael i rachmil","dinah minot","teamwork videos","farm videos",lassie,"matthew turner","laura turner","steve turner","april porter","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V+++131229,/m/017115,/m/07tvgs,/m/0b_dr3,/m/01sxsx,/m/03mp9s