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charlie sheen

charlie sheen

Lady Gaga posts nude pictures of herself on internet

4y ago


Facebook: Like us on facebook for more funny videos Lady Gaga has shocked (again), this time by posting a nude photo of herself on her own social network, Check out a naked Gaga below. Gaga put the image, which you can see below, on along with the caption: "Resting after BARNEY'S GAGA WORKSHOP OPENING IN NY." Obviously, this is not the first time Gaga has flashed some flesh but the picture is eyebrow raising even by her standards. With millions and millions following her on Facebook and Twitter perhaps this is an effort to boost the number of users on her own website. This is the second striking image we have seen of Gaga today, coming just hours after the news that the 'Born This Way' star will appear alongside Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson in new movie Machete Kill. Check out Gaga's 'La Chameleon' character poster here. Meanwhile, Gaga also weighed in on the Robert Pattinson/ Kristen Stewart relationship drama this week, urging the media to be considerate in their coverage of the pair's rumoured split.