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beverly hills

beverly hills

Lady Gaga Brings Her Crazy Gaga Mayhem To Mr. Chow's

4y ago


Signature Crazy Lady Gaga Outfit... Signature Crazy Lady Gaga Mayhem. Lady Gaga is back in Tinseltown, and if you didn't know it yet, then maybe the masses of fans and media throughout the streets of Hollywood gave you a hint. Lady Gaga's apparently staying at the Chateau Marmont, and she just brought in a truckload of luggage yesterday, something like 20 + bags or more. And she decided to dine out at one of the most paparazzi hungry spots in town, Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills. What a way to not guarantee a safe journey back to your car. But yes of course, Lady Gaga did in fact wear one of her signature S & M Style outfits, and she stayed quiet amongst the 50 + screaming fans and paparazzi. Cool Under Pressure Garry "Prophecy" Sun for