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LA Foodie Podcast 022: Zach Selwyn, Carney's Hot Dogs, Yelp/CounterYelp

3y ago

Description See the full LA Foodie post about this show and listen to the audio podcast at this link. All photos from this show are here on Flickr. LA Foodie returns with TV host/stand-up/songwriter/would-be-ESPN-anchor Zach Selwyn! The guys talk train car hot dogs from Carney's and, through the power of dramatic interpretation, a couple of Yelpers get to weigh in too. Plus, there's Tabañero hot sauce, Secret Squirrel White Russians, and the loquat! Can you get a good hot dog in an old-timey train car? Does cold brew coffee work in The Dude's favorite beverage? Did Zach really collaborate with Fergie? THAT Fergie? And what the H is a loquat?? Find out the answers to all these questions and more this time on LA Foodie!