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Kyrie Irving vs. Kobe Bryant | The $50,000 Challenge

4y ago


2012 Rookie of the Year loses his mind and challenges Kobe Bryant, who is almost 5 inches and almost 50 lbs heavier than him, to a 1-on-1 game... I HATE Kobe with a passion, but I think Kyrie is feeling himself. I don't even like how I believe the conversation started. It was like he was cherishing the opportunity to provoke Kobe (in other words, he was slobbing Kobe's knob). I think I would have been better served if Kobe brought the challenge to Kyrie... Proceeds go to the winner's charity. At any rate, I stole this from Duke Blue Planet/ All Star Hip-Hop or whatever the name is. Not using it to make money, just sharing it.