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Kylie Minogue The One Official Video

4y ago


"The One" is a dance-popelectronica song performed by Australian Kylie Minogue for her tenth studio album, X (2007). The song was written by John Andersson, Johan Emmoth, Emma Holmgren, and Freemasons. Minogue and Richard Stannard provided additional lyrics.The One was released as a digital-only single in New Zealand on 22 September 2008, but failed to chart inside the Top 50.[1] "The One" was originally performed by dance music group Laid and Emma Holmgren. Their version, titled "I'm the One", was included on the dance compilation Mastercuts: Funky House in 2006.[2] Minogue's version features new verses. "The One" charted at #36 in the UK due to moderate airplay and digital sales. The physical release was cancelled at the last minute and airplay stopped thus preventing it from charting any higher. Although it was not released in the United States, the song was chosen as one of the "Best Pop Songs of 2008" by the San Francisco Chronicle. After months of speculation, it was confirmed on "" that a music video for "The One" had been filmed. The video premiered on "" in August 2008. The video starts off with a male dancer (Jason Beitel) and a female dancer swiling around whilst a kaleidoscopic effect of lights is in the background, often as produced by a spirograph. Her first look is a long and straight blond hair. Kylie then appears dressed in a glamorous 1920s looking outfit and her hair is tightly curled, featuring the spiral visual motif. Throughout the video we see a continuation of the kaleidoscope effect and Kylie dressed in a long white silk dress, a black tightly cut dress and towards the end we see her with Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses with a short hair-cut singing the last few lines of the song. The song itself was never set to be released in Latin America, though the music channels VH1 and MTV Brazil released it for promotion. For a promotional release, the video got massive airplay. By early 2009, the video was barely being played anymore, having passed its peak of popularity, and being shifted to occasional replays at night on the former channel, and in the morning on the latter.