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human heart

human heart

Kyla La Grange 'Heavy Stone' - AllSaints Basement Sessions

4y ago


Kyla La Grange is a beautiful British singer/songwriter from Watford, London. Blessed with an amazing voice and the ability to write songs that convey the unpredictability of the human heart, she captures the pain and impulsiveness of being young and in love. Her music may not have been designed for mainstream consumption, as she rests on the edge of the 'alternative rock' genre, but it seems as though it is destined to be so. Kyla and her band took time out of their busy touring schedule to venture into the now famous basement under our Spitalfields store and treat us to three breath-taking performances. Delivered without the crassness of underground rock, they powered through 'Heavy Stone', 'Catalyst' and 'Been Better', all of which can be found on her stunning new album 'Ashes', which is available now. A series of surging angst-pop anthems that will surely elicit stronger reactions still. Darkness never sounded so sweet.