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Krystol Nobody's Gonna Get This Loving But You

4y ago


From Allmusic: A sultry female R&B quartet originally consisting of D'Marie Warren, Roberta Stieger (both formerly in Alton McClain & Destiny, Tina Scott, and Karon Floyd, Krystol never made a big dent in the charts, but they offered several noteworthy electro-soul efforts in the mid-'80s. Produced by Leon Sylvers III and company, the group's debut set concentrates on electric funk-influenced dance and midtempo numbers. The clever "Nobody's Gonna Get This Lovin' but You" has an irresistible groove; and "You Ask Too Much" uses a haunting keyboard ostinato, layered octaves, and astute vocal interaction between Stieger and Floyd to create a beautiful midtempo piece. The set's lone ballad, "Same Place, Same Time," is an alluring midnight-hour slow jam. About half of the remaining material is unmemorable, due to lackluster melodies and uninspired arrangements. Krystol would prove to never be an album act, per se; but the strong entries combined with the contribution of leads by all group members make this album a close second to its follow-up, Talk of the Town.