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jane doe

jane doe

Krisuan Rosalejos Mix'd Elements / Kayce Viray VIPSJ @ Swanshop Dance Workshop 10/21/09

4y ago


Krisuan & VIP San Jose Presents: Swanshop Dance Workshop/Training Choreographer: Krisuan Rosalejos & Kayce Viray Credits: -VIPSJ -Mix'd Elements -OGBooftroop -NBC's America's Got Talent -Black Eyed Peas -MVP -NT^2 SONG: "You See It" Clyde Carson Every Wednesday 915pm-1045pm Infinity Dance Studio 5817 Cottle Rd. San Jose, Ca. 95127 Hosted By: Krisuan Rosalejos of the OriGinal Booftroop / VIP San Jose / Mix'd Elements / MVP / NT^2 Givin' props to folks in these crews I've affiliated with and or everyone I've Become friends with, Danced, Worked, Competed with, and even Competed Against: Infinity Dance Studio, Ariel Dance Studio, the Black Eyed Peas, 49ers Goldrush Cheerleaders, Golden State Warrior Girls, the OriGinal Booftroop OGB's, Mix'd Elements, MVP San Jose, Mighty Playgroundz, No Time 2Play, FML, Wrawsome, Bbox Entertainment, Ana Sarao, Phlex Productions, Myron 21XL, Scotty Nguyen, DJ Vinom, VIP Vallejo, Prophecy, Jr. Prophecy, Xs, Jr. Xs, Dance Unlimited, Future Shock SJ, A-Youngin - AY, Lost Kids, Asylum, AK Modern, Soulidified Project, ReDefine, Phoenix Dance Company - PDC, Mighty 4, Jeprox Crew, Electro Rock, HeadHunters, Flexible Flav, Underground Flo, Style Elements Crew, Planet Rock Crew, Jughead Tribe, Jedi Clan, Mindtricks, Notorious, Renegades, 3D, Dangerous Image, Chain Reaction - Nu-Origin - OneCypher, Psycho Zone, Lil Man Tribe, S.I.R. Step Into Reality, B-Syde - Sicksyde - Jane Doe, the Outsiders, MPM - Movements Per Minute, 3Style Attractions, Academy Of Villains - AOV, Supreme Soul, Soul Sector, Machine Gone Funk - MGF, The Company, The Camp, APT, Gen2, Funkanometry SF - Funks SF, Funkanometry LA - Funks LA, Funkbrella, DeLaFemme, Project EM, Funksters, the Oddacity - Odds, Mind Over Matter, Funk Beyond Control - FBC, UFO Movement, Groove Against The Machine, Expressive Doubt SF - EDSF / Expressive Doubt - EDLA, Main Ingredient, Boogie Monstarz, Press Play, Jabbawockeez, Xposed, Haluan, No Street Shoes, Fusion - Fusion Jrs, the Other Duck, Essence, Pac Modern, Boxcuttuhz, Unity LA Ensemble, DS Players, Pac Modern, Team Millennia - TM7, Choreo Cookies, Kaba Modern - KM6 - Kaba Modern Legacy, Sheroes, Kallusive, GRV, Culture Shock Oakland, Culture Shock Los Angeles, - CSLA, Mavyn, Catchafire, KGZ, Main Stacks, UrbanFX, Fr3sh, Dance2XS, Flo-ology, Meccamee LV, Mobility UCD, Boogiezone - Breek - Offspring, Team Rockit, MK Modern, Marvelous Motion, Shaboobs - Unleashed, Know Your Roots -, Breakthrough USC, Chaotic 3 - C3 USC, Soul Con, Project D, Shades, On Point Dance Family, Rhythm Inc, DWB, NBC TV: America's Got Talent, NBC TV: Fame, Fox TV: American Idol 3, Common Ground, StepBoys, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, Poreotics, Formality - EK, SGBM, Fanny Pak, Massive Monkeez, 909, 220, Goon Squad, Tha Academee, Hi-Fi, Tripl3 Threat, Elev-ated, Break Sk8, Status Quo Entertainment, Funky Fresh, MK Modern, & Rascals. If I've never Danced with you, Took your workshop/class, Competed w/ or Against you, Hung out with you...Pretty much if you weren't affiliated with folks on this list, then lets make it happen and dance! Much love to you all!