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the ultimate

the ultimate

KOTD - Rap Battle - Arsonal vs Illmaculate

4y ago


@KingOfTheDot - @ArsonalDaRebel vs @Illmaculate Hosted By: @OrganikHipHop **PLEASE Click 'LIKE' & Add To Favourites If You Enjoyed This Video!!! Make sure to check out the KOTD website at - Born and raised in dirty Jerz, Arsonal is one of the world's most popular and respected battle rappers. From his days destroying the competition in the Lions Den and on Fight Klub to his new era dominance in the Ultimate Rap League, King of the Dot and Grind Time, there are few names that attract the attention that Da Rebel does. His battles with Hollow Da Don, Conceited, Hitman Holla, T-Rex, Okwerdz and Pat Stay are all classics, and all bouts that Arsonal would never claim to have taken a loss in. Brazenly aggressive and destructive with his vocal style, Arsonal's pen game focuses on the creation of long lasting schemes and rhythmic acrobatics. His battle with Illmaculate will be his second for KOTD, and his third in the Fresh Coast, where he has had nothing but overwhelming success in the past. Portland's finest battle veteran Illmaculate has been one of the most highly regarded MCs in the culture for over ten years. Getting his start in the freestyle era and breaking out with his Scribble Jam victory in 2004, Illmac went on to win JumpOff's World Rap Championships two years in a row shortly after. Once the written format became dominant, Illmaculate didn't miss a step, performing in high profile matchups with battlers like The Saurus, Dizaster, Bender, Eurgh, Hollow Da Don and Conceited. Illmac is one of the most well rounded battlers in the world, possessing a commanding delivery, a complex lyrical style and the ability to go off of the head at a moments notice. His battle with Arsonal will be his sixth for KOTD and one of many he has put up in his home division of the Fresh Coast. Hosted By: Organik, & Gully TK Sponsors: WORLD DOMINATION 3: GLOBAL SUPREMECY - AUGUST 10TH, 11TH AND 12TH, 2012 DON'T MISS OUT ON THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL RAP BATTLING EVENT IN THE WORLD FOLLOW THE KOTD TEAM ON TWITTER: @OrganikHipHop @RexKOTD @GullyTK @RyanPVPKOTD @ScottJacksonBB @SketchMenace @ddubbkotd @LushOne @Christian818_ @Malathion01 @AvocadoIsGod @KingFlyKOTD @NorthANomix @JayHommy @ReverenceNS @max_grootenboer @jesblaze_416 @MsLauraTarsi THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT