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a lifetime

a lifetime

Koroshi-Ya - Rainbow (feat. Feather)

2y ago


Download link: Feathers YouTube: Instrumental by IINFYNITE: As seen on EQD: --- Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Bandcamp: EQBeats: Soundcloud: Redbubble: --- This song itself is one I hold close to my heart, it's a story of a man who falls in love with the idea of Rainbow Dash and as a result falls prey to delusions and insanity, she even begins to speak to him in his mind with a false promise of reality. As the song progresses, his entire life has passed, he's pushed everyone away and is now alone on his deathbed but suddenly, he sees Rainbow Dash, or does he? I do have to say this is the best thing I've ever done and I think Laura/Feather so much for helping give it that extra magic. She's a newcomer to brony music and she's looking to do as much songs as possible so hit her up :) --- Lyrics: I'm alone outside of my dreams, it always feels and seems, That there'll never be any of those promised lights and beams, Of these hopes of my dreams ever becoming a reality, So all I have to my name is torn up seams of my insanity, But when I close my eyes to down sleep, she's there waiting, And there's never any question of this, no debating, My girl, rainbow, she'd never let me down, She's always there for me here, never to ever let me frown, This world around us made up just for her and I, There's never any care 'cause we're so way up high, And then when I gaze into those enchanting eyes, I know it's love, While we rule the skies together, so way up above, Then smack, I'm awake, just sitting in my room, This place, it's growing darker, as if it were my tomb, Hell maybe I don't deserve it, maybe it's not the life for me, To finally be one with her, just my rainbow dash and me. It's ok, I'm still here, I'll always be, Your best friend, It's alright, I'm loyalty, I'll be here 'til, The very end, So Dash, my girl, reppin' it up on MLP, Got all this memorabilia of her always surrounding me, She's there when I wake up and there when I go to sleep, On a view from the outside, you'd think I was a creep, Well I'm not, no way, this is nothing but love, And I'll sing it to the world all day and to the heavens above, Because this feeling in my heart, whilst I know deep down it's killing me, To ignore it and pass it by would feel like straight up insanity, Let's face it, how many of you have fell for someone that ain't real, I know I'm not alone so I know that some of you know the feel, The feeling of the pain in your chest knowing that what you're destined for, Is a love life of disappointment, nothing less and nothing more, Because no one could ever come close and no one could ever be her, Pure fiction is a comparison of dash to ever occur, She's the one, she's my girl, no one could fill that hole inside, And if I ever told you otherwise, well, I lied. It's ok, I'm still here, I'll always be, Your best friend, It's alright, I'm loyalty, I'll be here 'til, The very end, Come on, let's fly, Just, you and I, Let's race 'til we touch the sky, Never let you fall, I was, here for it all, And I'm here, for you now. These years they passed me by and I'm still here all alone, That thing you'd call a heart of mine has since turned into stone, The lights are growing darker, my time is growing near, A lifetime passed me by and she never even appeared, But what's this, as the lights fade slowly I see her face, Slowly staring down at me freezing surrounding time and space, As my eyes, they begin to close for the very last time, She held my hand and assured me that it'd all be just fine. It's ok, I'm still here, I'll always be, Your best friend, It's alright, I'm loyalty, I'll be here 'til, T...