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Korean Vocabulary Starting with "ㅊ"

4y ago


Write sentences. Get corrections from native speakers. Be awesome. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- What words in Korean start with the consonant "ㅊ"? Here are some of them! Can you think of some more? ^^ 창문 [chang-mun] = windows 착륙 [chang-lyuk]= landing 찻잔 [chat-jan] = teacup 천사 [cheon-sa] = angel 체조 [che-jo] = exercise, stretching 천원 [cheo-nwon] = one thousand won 천문대 [cheon-mun-dae] = observatory 철가방 [cheol-ga-bang] = steel containers used for delivering food 철조망 [chel-jo-mang] = barbed-wire fence 춤 [chum] = dance 청계천 [cheong-gye-cheon] = Cheonggye Stream 책꽂이 [chaek-kko-ji] = bookshelf 초코파이 [cho-ko-pa-i] = Chocopie 총각김치 [chong-gak-gim-chi] = white radish kimchi 초승달 [cho-seung-dal] = crescent moon 초밥 [cho-bap] = sushi 칠판 [chil-pan] = blackboard 치마 [chi-ma] = skirt 치약 [chi-yak] = toothpaste 칫솔 [chit-sol] = toothbrush