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eastern conference

eastern conference

Kobe Bryant and Lakers vs Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics in 2010 NBA Finals,Parody.

4y ago


,Short - Fast-paced mix I made about Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers' second round opponent, Utah Jazz. Mostly Kobe Highlights with a couple Lakers ones, Enjoy. Kobe Bryant, asked about the impending matchup, said, "No scouting report necessary. For either team. We know their offense inside out, they know our offense inside out, as well as the defense. We've played each other so many times. Including preseason. We're just extremely, extremely familiar with each other." Lakers look to slow red-hot Williams, banged-up Jazz. The Lakers and Jazz played in the 2009 first round (L.A. victory), the 2008 conference semifinals (L.A. victory) and had four reunions during the 2009-10 regular season (L.A. 3-1). And just maybe the coaches, players and offenses for each side are pretty established. Welcome to the No Surprise series.Not like Great Rajon Rondo, Orlando Magic was Total Joke ! (100522) Boston Celtics VS Orlando Magic - 2010 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Final Game # 3 Comparison of Rajon Rondo 's accomplishment with Bob Cousy, Larry Bird 's