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the express

the express

kLoB- Battleship Music Video

4y ago


The song is Battleship. Images come to mind just from the word. Huge, armored dreadnoughts. The attacks, the firepower, the destruction. The injury and the loss. The suffering and the hurt. Every person can be one. Relentless and unyielding in the heat of an argument. All guns ablaze in a blinding attempt at survival and self verification.We have to learn to choose our battles. Save the rage and the explosions for the enemy. Our loved ones, our friends, and even the strangers in front of us in the express lane - with more than 10 items, are after all, all we really get. We have to communicate with each other without the fight and the loss of control. kLoB has chosen Battleship to make a good old fashioned music video about for just that reason. To once again, with their music, help further the cause of effective human communication.