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Klaus Bundy - Prayer Of A Betrayed Soldier (Music Video Version)

2y ago


Visit: Contact and Booking: Lyrics PRAYER OF A BETRAYED SOLDIER SAMPLES: Johann Sebastian Bach -- St. Matthew Passion Blaq Poet - Hate VERSE 1 Life's a crazy journey into a world full of pain I had to pay the cost to be alive I'm cryin', bloodstains I got betrayed by everyone All I needed was a caring bud But I've been left alone 'cause no one ever really gave a fuck about a poor troubled young man whose only fault was trust men too much, I didn't know I can't do it back then people talk shit and it's worse when they're your friends you lose your faith in human beings and feel so close to death you wonder why, seems like God ain't by your side and you don't know if you'll survive but it's so hard to carry on despite you try to move on you afraid to be backstabbed once more so you see potential enemies everywhere, yo revenge is all you care for you're homicidal and just feel like a mothafuckin' devil it ain't about being rebel it's about being a lil' clever now you gotta be the backstabber 'cause those fuckers gotta learn that you ain't a pussy and loyalty in life comes first you won't let 'em get away gotta satisfy your vengeance thirst so take these words as water into a lake of fire that's where bad folks go when they die CHORUS (snippet from Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" chorus) Wir setzen uns mit Tranen nieder Und rufen dir im Grabe zu VERSE 2 I'm sick of phonies This fuckin' world's just full of 'em Actin' like they're homies But they just really want you dead I put my trust in the wrong people Thinkin' they were heroes Now I think if I shot them I wouldn't go to jail 'cause killin' roaches ain't illegal see, dawg I kill ya For all the sleepless nights In my bed lyin', wishin' to die With no mothafuckin' will to fight And no sparkle of bright light in sight I'm no more Mr. Nice Guy Now if ya wanna stereotype Ya can call me Mr. Guttersnipe 'cause I'm armed in the dark and my mothafuckin' rage is ripe Well There's people who leads and people who follows I decided long ago I didn't want to live in sorrow So I'ma take my destiny with both hands And my very first plan Is to eliminate those ones who just deserve death Who am I to do that Man, I'm a wolf amidst sheeps You can worship me as a crucifix This fuckin' world stinks So I'ma clean it with a gun in my palm, bitch Yeah, Gs Get ready to show your real face You think you hard, I put you in a grave And disappear without a trace I'm just a blaze Call me Jesus 'cause I'm immortal And behind every move I make There's always a moral No love, God Please, give me the strength to survive despite the hate I'm livin' in Satan's land But I haven't lost my faith My only reason for livin' is the hope Death will be a new beginning And life's just a painful eve Before peace That's my desperate scream, God Can you hear me Please, be my shield despite I'm killin' your children I will pay for my sins But for now I just want war If you feel like me This shit can make you soar Don't be afraid, I'm Klaus Bundy, your justice lord CHORUS (X2) OUTRO (snippet from Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" chorus) Ruhe sanfte, sanfte ruh! Ruht, ihr ausgesognen Glieder! THE END