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King Khan & The Shrines - Bite My Tongue (Official Video)

4y ago


Official music video for King Khan & The Shrines "Bite My Tongue." Produced by Hylas-Film. Get "Bite My Tongue" on iTunes - The video was filmed on Easter Sunday on a beautiful spring day in Berlin. It was the perfect day to resurrect the Big J in all his miraculous glory. Super King Khan and his trusted Hylas Boys (from Hylas-Film) got together a motley crue of Berlin's finest to make this cinematic masterpiece. BELA B. (of Germany's most popular band since the 80's "Die Artze") plays the role of Lucifer / Al Capone and EMB legend RUMMELSNUFF, the true king of the electronic body music and famous guardian of the Berghein (Techno Palace of Europe) plays the role of Muscle Man / Cupid. The role of the police and punks were played by two very famous mimes Domenico Stronzo and Michael Merdosa, the two people who made such extremely reactionary political pantomime that they were banned from Italy and sought refuge in Berlin. In the Hitchcockian tradition the director makes a cameo and does the best Marlon Brando tribute since Richard Pryor's Brewster's Millions. 2012 King Khan Music