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michael myers

michael myers

Killah Croc - Platonic Chemistry

2y ago


Killah Croc! previously known as Jacare' Verse 1: Supersonic platonic style, got these girls acting mornic, when I pull up and park it, they showing off they bodies, hot tamilies, come and ride in my coup, but I have to warn you, the bass is on boost like child seats, weather mild heat, sky clear but in my car its cloudy, from the burning tree, smelling ever so sweet, take em' to my pad, they written off as some freaks, so chic, but what I'm telling her got em' all in heat, skin flawless, beauty so gorgeous, clothes hit the floor, then we fuck till its morning, wake up yawning... she in my shirt fixing breakfast, pre-prepared twist grass, blunt thick a 3 stash, eat, smoke, then we laugh, cause we be damn if we let the bad times get the best of our ass, the high of the day got me gone, I'm in the sky fly, then I O another zone, write a poem Verse 2: Look at the god, up sitting higher, I fuck a broad till the pussy yawn like its tired, the new sire, killing shit: Michael Myers, so hot but got hoes: firefighters, yeah, too much weight up in my brain space, her mama fine, damn! Daughter got the same trait, I ran the diamond, you ain't even at the plate, I got 10 dimes, you got 20 eights, living large, on my growth spurt, make my own sound, till my fucking throat hurt, she ordered the jamaican chicken, cause she want to jerk, ya'll niggas nothing but some scrubs, JD & Turk, yeah, I do this homie for my family, do it for the sake of peoples sanity, do it for my pull away from gravity, not for the limelight, or the big salary, but when the money start flowing, imma go to the mall and start spending all that shit, can you be mad at me?.- Killah Croc Prod. DA