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michael gondry

michael gondry

Khrys Lawson | "Meet Me In Montauk"

4y ago


Download: Lyrics: Do you believe in Heaven? Eyes low below all things which are stressin/ Your obsession, with progression leads to depression/ Lord knows that pain may only be profession/ You to aim like a weapon/.. Til the life that you dream ain't a scene where you question/ Rather a essence/ So you swim down a stream to regime from the blessing/ Of having imperfections/ Dont cling just to feen to the theme of acception/ Unless you want rejection/ Between everyone foreseen is connection, A Shoreline lesson/.... Merlot waves in wine glasses like ocean bae I hide emotions when hopin that you'll never leave a love heart broken/ In a way that regret may stay/ another day,threw the night/ Betraying all the feelings that we fight/ Spending life only trying to wrong a right/ At the speed of light/ Chorus: Swim good to the Shoreline because this life isnt on your time... A Journey By The Shoreline Written/Mixed/Recorded by Khrys Lawson Background vocals by Krystle Monet Produced by Beat Culture Twitter - KhrysLawson Tumblr - Instagram - KhrysLawson Video contains scenes from the film - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind directed by Michael Gondry.