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sex scandal

sex scandal


3y ago


IT'S FINALLY OVER! THAT WAS THE WORST SEASON EVER OF RHOA! Gone with the wind fabulous couldn't save the sinking ship! Longest season of a reality show ever...It's coming back with the same cast according to reports...or is it? Seems NeNe and Phaedra want a housewife replaced and I bet it's Kenya. I mean, who else would it be? Porsha is NeNe's new little sister. (close your ears HALF SISTERS) Apparently Mrs. Leakes has pull at Bravo, you see how she got Sheree and Kim off the show! I think Kenya caused too much distress and division. I def. think NeNe takes issue with Kenya outshining her and being the new breakout star. (Even if it were for all negative reasons) I love Porsha's voice and I hate how Kordell did her. She deserves so much better. I hope he falls down a flight of stairs. Seems rather abrupt the whole divorce while she's defending him on national television and praising their marriage. There must be another woman...but most likely another man. We all know where there is smoke, there certainly is FIRE! Peter sit your old Uncle Benn busy body self down and bring Cynthia home some bacon! All you bringing back home to her is grease. Get your ass to BAR ONE and get some real clientele in there instead of a bunch of hoodrats buying vodka cranberries. I really don't care if the show gets canceled, seems MARRIED TO MEDICINE has taken it's place. (A BUNCH OF BLK BITCHES AND ONE WHITE BLONDE BITCH) Put this show to bed. Changing cast members like Destinys Child and only one BEYONCE can remain, and sorry, it aint you Kenya!!!