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john lloyd

john lloyd

Ken Plume's 'A Bit of a Chat with' ... Stevyn Colgan - Part 2

4y ago


Ken Plume is something of a legend in the blogging community. His 'A Site called Fred' attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers and is very influential among online media. And for me, the highlight of his site (apart from his occasional bouts of crap karaoke or crapoke) are his interviews, which delight in the name of 'A bit of a chat with ...' Over the past few years, he's chatted with the great and the good from TV, film, science and comedy and his list of downloadable interviews includes such talented people as Ricky Gervais, David Mitchell, John Lloyd, Rebecca Watson, Stan Lee, Graham Linehan, most of the cast and writers of 'Community', Simon Day, Warwick Davies, Jeri Ryan, John Mitchinson, Robert Llewellyn, John Hodgman, Dan Schreiber, Dom Joly, Rufus Hound, Greg Davies, Dave Gorman, Peter Serafinowicz, Neil Innes, Sylvester McCoy, Jane Goldman, Adam Savage, Dom DeLuise, Frank Oz, Stephen Colbert ... and many many more. So, when Ken said that he'd like to do 'A bit of a chat with ...' me, I felt both honoured and pretty excited. And what fun it was! So much fun, in fact, that it turned into a marathon of three hours. Yes, you heard right. Three hours. But it flew past in an instant. You can listen to/download the whole thing at (and thanks, Ken, for picking the campest publicity photo ever taken of me) or, if you can't take too much of a good thing all at once, I've broken it up into handy instalments here on Vimeo. In Part Two the conversation ranges from Neanderthal gestation times to my fascination with names, puggles and platypus, crowd-sourced publishing, alternative names for the seven dwarves, Scientology and living with three nipples. Approx. 1 hour duration.