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our country

Keep America Free, Mr. Eric Holder

4y ago


Herman Cain and Ken Blackwell join forces to protect your vote. Voter ID laws offer a "reasonable safeguard" to protect against voter fraud and ballot-box stuffing. The Obama administration has "launched an all-out war on voter ID laws" to bolster the president's re-election chances. The ACRU has launched a new campaign called Protect Your Vote, an effort to protect states' rights to require voters to present ID cards at the polling place. "Protecting the integrity of the ballot box is essential to our democracy," Blackwell says. "Laws requiring voters to show identification at the polls are common-sense measures to prevent fraud and corruption and to ensure that each year's election returns accurately reflect the will of the people. "With the attack led by the Obama Justice Department on voter ID laws across this country, ACRU has decided to mount a counteroffensive to protect the integrity of ballot boxes all across our country."