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Kashmala Fida

4y ago


Kashmala Fida Kashmala Fida recalls that her fire to get involved & to start volunteering was not lit until she moved to Canada two years ago. "As a student born and raised in Pakistan, being a 'global citizen' was not instilled in our minds, and therefore we were not exposed to many volunteer opportunities. My inspiration to get involved was only acquired once I came to Canada". Upon learning about the changes a student can make here in Canada, Kashmala along with two other colleagues formed a global issues group at school to fundraise money for the Child Soldiers Initiative an organization that was founded by retired Lieutenant-General the Honorable Roméo Dallaire. In their first year, they were successful in raising approximately $2000. During high school Kashmala learned about the Canadian Red Cross group Even Wars Have Limits which she joined when she moved to Halifax for University in 2009. Through this group she learned what it means to be a volunteer and effect change. She has also recently has been accepted for a volunteer trip to Costa Rica with Youth Challenge International. When asked what inspires her to take action, Kashmala says "My inspiration comes from my move to Canada from Pakistan. This has affected me in many different ways. I have lived in two completely different worlds and I feel like there is so much that I would like to share about back home. Also, there are so many things that I want to take back with me and make a difference there. In order to do that I should know how, which is why I decided to volunteer and gain as much experience from the very beginning. "