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Staff Picks

Kacapi Suling - Renggong Manis.flv

4y ago


Bilih aya nu peryogi kumpulan versi MP3 na, mangga klik: Referensi: Kacapi suling is a form of Sundanese music from West Java. It is essentially tembang Sunda minus vocals, and also at interludes between songs at a typical Tembang Sunda performance. The higher pitched kacapi rincik, the lower pitched kacapi indung and the suling flute are the instruments used for kacapi suling. Kacapi suling has instrumental pieces performed in two different scales; the first four in laras pelog convey a light mood, the last four, in laras sorog are more slow and grave. The change to laras sorog usually takes place at midnight and lasts til sunrise.