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son dam bi

son dam bi

K-pop TOP 20 (May 2012: week 5)

4y ago


I reached 1000 (it's almost 1100 now) subscribers, thanks a lot :D You are the best guys :D You will be able to hear (new) top 20 every week (charts will come out every Wednesday). 5 new songs are debuting this week! Charts will not be based on popularity of singer/song or on song's position on other charts - they will be based on my personal taste - there's no voting going on and this isn't "the official" charts. Disclaimer: All rights go their rightful owners. This video was made for my and your entertainment only. Tell me what you think in the comments box, you can also give me a suggestion for new songs for the next week - I read all comments :D Don't forget to like keke ;) INTRO: Son Dam Bi - Queen Enjoy :D