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DOWNLOAD "JUSTIN BIEBER: THE MASHUP MIXTAPE": Shared By Perez Hilton - This is my remix to Justin Bieber's hit single 'Boyfriend' from his number one album 'Believe' it is remixed with *NSYNC's hit last single 'Girlfriend' from their album 'Celebrity'. Now before anyone starts, BIEBER NOR TIMBERLAKE SOUND ALIKE. And I didn't create this mashup to defame either of them, I genuinely wanted to mix these two songs because I knew they would go together so well. I've waited ages to remix this and I really wanted to make it 3 months ago but hey. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to SHARE, COMMENT & RATE! My Social Links: (Remastered) Download MP3 Link: P.S: Thank you Perez Hilton for sharing my video! It's very much appreciated :) Tags: "Justin Bieber" "As Long As You Love Me" Performance Live "Music Video" Remix Mashup Boyfriend Girlfriend NSYNC Nelly "Shane Dawson" "Love Me Like You Do" Acoustic Cover Acapella Studio Official Usher Scream "Conor Maynard" "Vegas Girl" "Can't Say No" "Cody Simpson" Maria "Selena Gomez" Rihanna "Where Have You Been" "DJ Earworm"