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always a pleasure

always a pleasure

Justin Bieber - "Be Alright" [Cover By. Bruno Miguel] 2012*

1y ago


Justin Bieber - "Be Alright" (Cover) - Bruno Miguel (BM) Guitar Prod. By: (LynnSchaefferMusic) Captação De Voz: - "BM_Music Estúdio" Masterização: - BM - Biography :) - The Singer "Bruno Miguel Asunção Dias" Born on 17/01/1995, His 12/13 Years, Decides to Innovate With A Project That Runs and Increasingly Spreads Around the Country - Bruno Miguel (BM) was born with talent! For Both The Football, as also for the Music. - How It All Began: - In 2008 in Almada, where you live, find a colleague who also begins to Win initiative to write and record their own songs. The two join this adventure. But the thing does not last long, Just Some ideas thrown into the air, but nothing more. From Then Bruno will arise with the project "BM_Music." - The project "BM_Music" - The project "BM_Music" Born In The Same Year in 2008, where the first recordings emerged Without Any Quality. (Not published on the Net). - In 2009, Singer directs to studio, where Records to 1 With Music Production, Mastering Professional Level. - Studies In That Record or Recorded as: - "Mister Master Studio", "Side J_Lab" & "Where BM_Studio Records More often ... - Positive signal! Convinced? : - In 2011, around April, BM begins to be recognized in several areas, where some fans are found you are asked, and Autograph .. As places (streets, Shopping, Public Transportation, Disco ..). If anything in Arm convinced, have no reason to Tal, only feels proud to know that recognize the * He Himself says: "This still is not nothing, just a Sign That I'm Working Well ' - Fame & Success in 5 Years? - In Only 5 Years, BM is not expected Both Get Success How to Achieve What's In the Moment! On Youtube, reached only 300,000 Views In Music! Soon To Some, but the Young Singer From Only 17 Years, is of much People idol, and attempts to establish contact with the fans through the Facebook. - Displays as Home Style - POP / R & B - His Great Purpose: - Working to reach a professional level, and that the People Enjoy Your Work. - Thanks: "- Well, I can not thank everyone How should calculate, but I wanted to Leave A Huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped me and Always Motivated Not Fold, VCES are the basis of this! Nothing Without You guys of It Was Possible. Tale With Your Support Up To Get There, oh and For the People Who Still Do not Know "BM_Music" is always a pleasure Receive more a fan, I hope you like the songs that I do, but if not Listen to tan, or Do Better "ONE lOVE ;) - "Never give up Of Your Dreams"