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he is

Just One More Hat

2y ago


Finally. Finally it's done. And here it is. Took 15+ hours to animate and lip sync, 4-5 hours to render (but I was asleep at that time) and 30 minutes to final render and upload. And now it's here. This is something I'm really passionate about and I think I consider it to be one of my finest videos. So please enjoy. Here's lyrics, again, all music credits go to Ken Ashcorp. He is the one singing, not me. Look at this server, isn't it neat? People with all their collections complete Wouldn't you think I'm a guy A guy who has everything Look at my pack - five sandmans bold How many wonders can one backpack hold Looking at this you'd think, sure He's got everything I've got Targes and Pain-Trains a-plenty I've got Kritzkriegs and Banners galore You want, Bonk drinks? I've got twenty But who cares? No big deal, I want more I wanna be where Gabe Newell is I wanna see him, see him dancing Strutting his stuff in that What do you call it? Oh, fro Idle servers don't get you too far Chances required for every second Strolling around in that Killer's Kabuto Up on their heads Up where their hair Up where that mullet feels lighter than air TF2's wrong And oh, how I long For one more hat What would I give, If I could live With a Tough Guy's Toque What would I pay To spend a day with that Rubber Glove And oh how I'd love To speak up above with Robin and Increase those drop-rates Soldier's Stash I'd pay cash If only I could And ready to know what the Devs know Ask them some questions and get some answers What is a trollsman and why does it What's the word? Troll I'm ready to roll Why don't you drop A towering pile of hats up to the top? The top of my head I'll wait 'till I'm dead For one more... hat