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the hustle

the hustle

Jus - You & Yours (Official Video | Courtesy Of)

4y ago


DOWNLOAD LINK: The first release off "Courtesy Of", the upcoming project. Real Connecticut hip-hop, aiming to spread positivity through creativity. Respect the hustle, if nothing else. Produced by Freddie Joachim Directed by Chris Rodden Clothing provided by The Prestige Collection LYRICS: connecticut, let us in connecticut, let us in hosannah in the highest rise, shine, time to wipe the sand up out my eyelids time flies, pops sighed "stand up for what's right, kid" i'm a champ through the crisis and a young man of his likeness thought about the woman i might miss on sharing a life with swore i was kissing my wifes lips son, she really caught me up, yup, 40 months then she dipped, since? i ain't heard from shorty once that's how the roll of the dice goes, cuzzy it's quite cold thorns when you think she the right rose new girl makin' it right though, naked on nights stoned precise strokes, patient and pipe slow cruise 95, tune into francesca tex ain't hitting, some question the man's effort the fans fed up - twenty-two, tortured by transgressions why my lady left? i can't wreckon, our plans severed i tell tales of april showers time heals all wounds, while i taste nostalgia pain and sour, j's just to waste the hours fame and power, wait 'til the have is ours moms found new life in the church on jones hill as a tyke under lights, i would search but won't feel some turn to the white, some blow pills some chirp and go squeal, it's trife but it hurts to know still to my fam payin room and board (brother jason) son, the plans is to do a tour (every state kid) for the fans that i do adore (many thanks yeah) everywhere, yeah, to you & yours (it's the basics) it only snowed twice, what a strange winter shorty used to hang with us, now a 'caine sniffer that's how she became thinner i ain't the same kid but i could see the pain in her she a fiend, still swear she a changed sinner for the second chance, gotta check your stance cast out, fragile as a freshman, fam once a shy sophomore who had yet to dance junior year found my fingers laced in rebecca's hand for my father, honored to breathe with him taught me on jihad, islamic extremism smile, lean sippin' when i'm in the seat shiftin my momma, she keep riffin', inspired to be different what happened to you? i haven't a clue you claimed you "didn't wanna hurt me", but that's an excuse paint me an inaccurate view when passion was through carved my heart out and kept stabbing the wound schooled myself to the game then studied hard count my lucky stars, 2012's been hell, tell i've suffered scars kids want a snippet, so listen, i'll kick a couple bars road rides rough, no double r's, i wonder y'all wait in line while my rap friends flourish seem like i ain't even scratch this surface dream i make a lotta cash then burn it breathe cause ain't nobody's past been perfect you always felt you were better than me so why do i regret letting you leave? you always lied about "forever" to me our forever was never to be...