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michael benson

michael benson

Jury of Their Tears - Sex Hill Bonfire music video

4y ago


Facebook Link: "Sex Hill Bonfire" by Jury of Their Tears is from the CD SCOTTSVILLE, music by Rob Resnick, lyrics by Michael Benson. Video by Matthew Benson. Cast: Max Dobson, Tekla Benson, Mark Treu. Vocals, Keyboards: Brian Levenstein; Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Drum Programming: Rob Resnick; Drums, Keyboards: David Resnick; Stick: Rich Atkins. Send fan mail to PO Box 90866, Brooklyn NY 11209 SEX HILL BONFIRE She dances like a falling leaf Around the Sex Hill bonfire. Space truckin' into radar love Works her skirt into pow-pow-power music Her hands paint trails as they wave Around the Sex Hill bonfire The Angelus Prayer and an album side Sweats through her tie-tie-tie-dyed tee shirt Hiking for Hope through the streets of Indian Allen Holding hands in the shade of the Masonic Temple She was Sugaree and I was Robert Hunter She was Chick-a-boom and I was Daddy Dewdrop Just out of reach, she moved without a sound Flamelight flickers across her face Around the Sex Hill bonfire Dancing away like those sparks rising toward Heaven Dancing away like those sparks rising toward Heaven She ran into the woods, but I chased her down