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michael benson

michael benson

Jury of Their Tears - O'Brien's Turnaround music video

4y ago


Facebook Link: Sex Hill Bonfire: "O'Brien's Turnaround" by Jury of Their Tears is from the CD SCOTTSVILLE, music by Rob Resnick, lyrics by Michael Benson. Video by Matthew Benson. Vocals: Brian Levenstein; Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass and Drum Programming: Rob Resnick. Send fan mail to PO Box 90866, Brooklyn NY 11209 O'BRIEN'S TURNAROUND Angels with halos barefoot in the gravel How long before their resistance unravels? Six-packs hidden just inside the rear tires Drink all you want, later we'll start a fire. Silver paint, three quarters moon, dance across the windshield. Donuts in the grass over by the thruway Rocking the shocks with laboring see-saws Angels with halos barefoot on the rocks How long before their resistance unlocks? Silver paint, three quarters moon, dance across the windshield. Kiss her for the first time On a lonesome road just north of town Kiss her for the last time Down on O'Brien's Turnaround O'Brien's Turnaround (Let me stop at my house) O'Brien's Turnaround (Pick up something we might need) O'Brien's Turnaround (Stare at the summer sky) O'Brien's Turnaround (And dream of always) Climb the ladder to the top of the barn Run through the cornrows and scratch up your arms Who drove to Mendon Ponds with a skinny-ass blonde? Who shouted at the sky: "I LOVE THIS TOWN!"