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Jurassic Park Proposal

4y ago


Mobile users: if the video won't play, go to I've linked the video there and it seems to work! My girlfriend and I are paleontologists, and we really love Jurassic Park. On June 02, 2012, I surprised her with a secret trip to the fictional "Snakewater, Montana," which was the original filming location for the excavation scene at the beginning of Jurassic Park. On a very windy day, I coaxed her into reenacting the "annoying kid" scene on camera, which was really the beginning of my proposal...she had no idea. **Edit** Leapin' Lizards! Thanks for all the kind wishes! I'd like to clarify that I did not buy the Velociraptor claw off of eBay. I sculpted one to look like the movie prop using some reference photos. It took up a couple of Sunday afternoons, and I had to hide it in my closet so she wouldn't find it prematurely. Also, thanks to Chris Silva ( who drove out super early to hide in the hills and photograph the proposal taking place! Finally, thanks to youtube user @Haorla who helped me track down the filming location!