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Jump for Jamaica- All Stars Anthem (Jamaica50Canada)

4y ago


Jump for Jamaica Lyrics Beenie Man: Intro Now this one is to all Jamaicans Celebrating 50 years of celebration I don't know if you're ready but... T.O.K: I am ready Are you ready? We are ready for this celebration Courtney John: Chorus I say Jump for Jamaica Jump for Jamaica x3 Let me see you jump, jump, jump x4 Verse 1 Marcia Griffiths: I feel like jumping, we're celebrating 50 years now, still we got a long way to go Cherine Anderson: Flag is waving History we're making 50 years now, if you're proud just let it show Etana: We are all one Beautiful people On this island yeah, yeah Blessed with the sun Mr. Lexx: So mi go suh Jump fi Jamaica Jump up mi people What a country full ah love, ah swear mi nah guh leave yuh Mi ackee and mi saltfish and mi dumpling mi ago need yuh Nutten nah gwaan Mi nuh believe yuh Then mi ask What's good Jamaica? All type a sinting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday peer sinting Any type ah music yuh want yuh get fi listen If yuh check it good nutten nuh missing Chorus Verse 2 Beenie Man: Come on now Everybody jump Anyway, ah 50 years now, come let we celebrate The only way we elevate, unless we educate Is a little small island, but look how we great We move mountains with faith, everyday Ammoye: Out of many people We are one Come together old and young All parishes, 14 strong 50 years now jah ah bring we along Kardinal Official: Born inna foreign, but me mek in a Jamaica Represent from day one, check the data Mi first memories Mi born in St. Mary Too much family to mention, too much legacy to carry But we rep ya Some people gone a Canada and dem lef dat Try fi chat proper English, ah weh dem get dat Tell dem figet that Yardie we seh, no island caa mek dat Jamaica Leonardo Carmichael: Out of many people We are always one When we come together Jamaica land we love Kreesha Turner: Yes I wanna dance, mek mi feel fi prance Jamaica Celebrate, put up yuh lighta' Grab your neighbours hand, pride is evident Jamaica Celebrate, put up yuh lighta' Chorus Verse 3 M'Lonie: I pledge my heart forever To serve with humble pride Though we're small in size All the hills come alive When we unleash our pride Real Jamaican Stylee Leontre: Mento to dancehall The world keeps moving Cause we touch their heart with song, yeah All the great ones; we salute them Going 50 years and strong Steele: The world know that it's a paradise So many go to watch the sunrise That's why I know we're doing something right That's why Jamaica is my home for life. Jay Douglas: Look where we coming from And how we've grown Bone chilling events Through dollars and cents Now we can reap what we sow. Chorus