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live show

live show


2y ago


PERFECK STRANGERS will be performing July 13, headlining Keep It Pro - BIG TICKET. A performance you do not want to miss as Perfeck Strangers takes their crowd pleasing live show to Velvet Underground in Toronto. 510 Queen St. W at Portland. Also performing, SepTO, Chucke gunz, Jelly Too Fly, Jae Matic, Savage Intellect and a beat showcase by KB Da Crazy Guy. Music by multi award winning DJ LAW and hosted by Tommy Spitz. Party to the best in HipHop til 3am. download the #1 debut LP by Perfeck Strangers here for Free! Please follow: @perfeckstranger @easparkpro @URBNET @djlaw3000 @MindOfSepTo @TommySPITZ @kbdacrazyguy @ChuckeGunz @jellytoofly