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north caucasus

north caucasus

July 7, 2009 Caucasus 2009 army drills

2y ago


Thousands of troops backed by hundreds of tanks rumbled through the North Caucasus as part of Russia's biggest military exercises since the break-up of the Soviet Union. Twenty-five year old Maxim Tretyakov is no stranger to maneuvers. These are his third and he's not tired of honing his skills. "How can one get tired of defending the motherland? That's my duty," he said. The military says the location wasn't picked at random. The area has all sorts of terrain, ranging from seashore and plains to high mountains. But the main reason for holding the exercise in this particular part of the country is due to the potential threat of terrorism. The exercises are based on a scenario of international terrorists trying to break through the Russian border. Their aim is to set up bases in the North Caucasus and destabilize the situation. So the troops have to conduct a counter-terrorist operation to neutralize them and guarantee security in Russia's South. It took the troops just two hours to destroy the militant's plans. Shortly after they were spotted, the soldiers went on the attack and finally defeated the terrorists. Senior officers, watching from the command post, were satisfied with the result. "The exercises have proved that our artillery and aviation are very well-organized and are capable of fulfilling their tasks," General-Colonel Aleksandr Larchenko, who's organizing the drills said. Russian soldiers deployed in South Ossetia and Abkhazia have also been taking part in the exercises. So, Georgia has expressed concern, calling the exercises a "pure provocation". "It's just nonsense, these exercises were scheduled last year and the only goal was to test the military and find out their weak points," Larchenko said. The military will take time to evaluate the effectiveness of the maneuvers and the readiness of the troops to deal with a confrontation. The week-long exercises involvd not only regional army units and the Air Force, but also the Black Sea and Caspian Fleets. They are said to be the largest naval exercises since the Soviet Union's collapse. The military says the "Caucasus 2009" training has already played a positive role in stabilizing South Russia. The Great Day of Annihilation